Fans of Cardi B suspected that her daughter suffers from autism

Fans of Cardi B suspected that her daughter suffers from autism

Raising children is by no means easy. Especially when the attention of the world community has been drawn to your child from the moment of his birth, for this reason, many Hollywood stars try not to show pictures of their heirs because all the negativity of Internet users often pours out on them. Like Cardi B ‘s daughter, for example.

Many other commenters took the chance to gently address the offensive implications of the original tweet about autism.

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So, the performer had a fight with fans because of a hater’s comment that said that the three-year-old Kultcher looks sick:

“Your daughter is literally autistic, and you are on social networks instead of making sure that she does not put her finger in the outlet.”

In response to this comment, Bea stated, “My daughter is not autistic… You can’t call her ugly, so you all have to diagnose her wit.”

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However, her words received a mixed reaction from fans, who noted that autism spectrum disorder should not be taken as an insult.

Yet another user, SheLoves_Blue, insisted: “No one is saying there’s anything wrong with being autistic but look at the intent of the person who said it.

They’re not trying to be helpful or informative. They said it in a hateful way, so yes, he has a right to be upset.

The Bronx resident shares culture and son-in-law with her husband, rapper Offset, 30.

“Of course, you have every right to protect your child, but I’m just trying to understand why the statement that a child is autistic is perceived as a deadly insult” “If you do not understand anything about a child with autism, you should know that he is gifted and amazing in his own way,” netizens said.

Cardi’s response was mixed, with many urging the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker to stop feeding the idiomatic trolls.