Future Is Accused Of Providing Fake Info In Child Support Case – Find Out What He Said!

Future Is Accused Of Providing Fake Info In Child Support Case – Find Out What He Said!

Future keeps finding himself in trouble these days. The Shade Room reveals what he ended up doing this time. Check out all the available details below.

It really seems that Eliza Reign will definitely obtain the child support check from Future.

TSR notes that these two continue to battle and they also reported that ‘Eliza’s attorney has filed a motion to have Future held in contempt of court for allegedly providing fraudulent info about his finances.’

It seems that Future was accused of trying to downplay his really luxurious lifestyle in court in order to minimize the amount of child support that he will have to get out of his pockets for his and Eliza’s one-year-old daughter.

TSR quotes court documents and notes that ‘Future testified in court that he stays in a two-bedroom, two bathroom home in Atlanta and isn’t sure if he rents or owns the property as he said he lets his “business manager handle all my business.”’


While he came up with these statements, it was also reported that Eliza’s attorney did some digging on his own and found out that ‘Future actually lives in a 5-bedroom, 7 ½ bathroom mansion’ sitting on a lot of cash.

A commenter said: ‘Sis at this point it’s over with just take this L.’

One other follower posted this: ‘This man is too damn rich. Why is trying his best to make her suffer?! 💀 Take care of your kids DAMN 🙄.’

Another follower said: ‘She knew what she was doing when she got pregnant by him,’ and someone else posted this message: ‘He better call Lori, and ask for all those gifts back 😂.’

One other commenter posted this: ‘HOLLERING Girl I know Ciara glad she left his azz. Man no TF he didn’t.’

Someone else said: ‘Imagine growing up and seeing how hard your dad was going to avoid taking care of you smh.’

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