George Clooney and Julia Roberts back together

George Clooney and Julia Roberts back together

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are set to reunite on the big screen in the upcoming rom-com Ticket to Heaven, directed by Ol Parker.

In the film, the actors will play the roles of long-divorced parents who spontaneously married each other at a young age.

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But despite their long-standing differences, the ex-spouses decided to join forces to prevent their daughter Lily (played by Caitlin Dever) from making the same mistake.

As a result, the girl went to sunny Bali after graduation and dreamed of marrying a local resident.

“The worst 19 years of my life,” says Clooney’s character about their relationship in the trailer, to which his ex-wife replies: “We were only married for five years.”

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However, for the sake of a common good goal, the couple decided to join forces to break off their only heiress’s engagement.

Parker is directing the film from an original script co-written with Daniel Pipsky. In addition, Roberts and Clooney are producing the movie with Deborah Balderstone, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Marisa Yeres Gill, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Sarah Harvey, and Grant Heslov. The world premiere of the travel-romcom will take place on October 21.

The film follows a divorced couple who travel to Bali to prevent their daughter from marrying someone she met on holiday. Although their relationship is strained, they are fighting to achieve their goal.

Finally, they agree to a ceasefire while preventing his daughter from making the same mistake she did 25 years ago.

Ticket to Paradise is Pretty Woman Starr’s first romantic comedy in decades. He told the New York Times why he waited so long in April.

“People sometimes misjudge that I didn’t do a romantic comedy because I didn’t want to. But, if I had read something I thought Notting Hill’s writing or My Best Friends Wedding Level Off Made cap fun, I’d do it, “said actress Erin Brockovich.