Gigi Hadid first publicly addressed Zayn Malik after the scandal

Gigi Hadid first publicly addressed Zayn Malik after the scandal

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid seemed like the perfect couple to many. Once they parted, but got back together and became the parents of a charming girl named Khai.

However, in October 2021, a major scandal broke out the main characters were Zane and Yolanda Hadid, the mother of the fashion model. She stated that her daughter’s boyfriend raised a hand against her.

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The court found the artist guilty of domestic violence, sentencing him to the compulsory passage of an anger management program.

Malik was also given a 360-day probationary period, a fine, and a ban on approaching Yolanda and her bodyguard.

Then Gigi chose not to speak out but simply broke up with her boyfriend, demanding sole custody.

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However, after some time, rumors appeared that the relationship between Hadid and Malik began to improve thanks to their common daughter.

And now, these speculations have been confirmed. Over the past weekend, foreign celebrities celebrated Father’s Day. And in her blog, Gigi turned not only to her dad Mohammed, congratulating him but also to Zayn.

Hadid posted a shot showing Malik’s hands – easily recognizable thanks to the tattoos – and little Khai. Apparently, dad and daughter had fun coloring. “Papa Khai!” — briefly signed a touching picture of Gigi.

The former One Direction member addressed the request in a lengthy statement on social media at the time.

As you all know, I am a private person, and I want to create a safe and private place for my daughter Khai to grow up, X-Factor alum wrote.

A place where private family matters are not thrown out to raise and separate the world.

In an effort to protect the site, I agreed with a member of my partner’s family not to confront the claims arising out of the discussion that entered our home when my partner entered several weeks ago and was out of the house