Goldie Hawn Raves About The Reason She Fell For Kurt Russell Almost 4 Decades Ago!

Goldie Hawn Raves About The Reason She Fell For Kurt Russell Almost 4 Decades Ago!

While virtual guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell opened up about their decades long relationship, among other topics! That being said, while chatting with the famous host, Goldie revealed the very ‘special’ reason why she ended up falling for her partner of 38 years!

That’s right! Goldie Hawn fell for Kurt Russell nearly four decades ago and they are still going strong!

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The two stars appeared on the talk show to promote ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2,’ but, of course, the conversation included more personal life topics of discussion as well, including their incredible love story.

Proving that even after such a long time, they still manage to have some firsts together, Kurt noted that they ‘haven’t done very many [interviews] together. We were talking about this just the other day. So this looks like a first Ellen [DeGeneres], heads up,’ he went on to add, prompting Goldie to rave: ‘My god, we can still have firsts after 38 years!’

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Hearing her observation, Ellen’s audience could not help but burst into laughter.

But, at some point during the interview, Goldie got rather emotional while reminiscing about their romance.

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As it turns out, the two fell in love with one another while shooting the 1984 production, Swing Shift.

The actress recalled that ‘I remember about Kurt, not only being really sexy and handsome and all that stuff, and fun — a good co-star. I loved the way that he looked at my children. It was something special and that was…he is good with kids. And I kind of went, ‘Oh my god. This is amazing.’ I did have a boyfriend. That was hard, because I had to call him and tell him that we were done and I had found somebody and I was so sorry.’

For more on what they had to say, check out the interview on Ellen!