Goodbye MAGA, hello… Blue MAGA? Dem ripoff hats repulse even liberals

Goodbye MAGA, hello… Blue MAGA? Dem ripoff hats repulse even liberals

President Trump’s red MAGA hats have become a signature look for his most loyal supporters since they were introduced during his first presidential campaign.

The red hats flood campaign rallies and inspire outrage when celebrities like Kanye West and ‘Lil Pump sport them. But one company is now trying to replace the hats with a liberal spin on the concept to celebrate a future where Trump is no longer in office.

Blue MAGA hats, which sport the phrase “made America great already,” have gotten the attention of social media, and they appear to anger the president’s critics as much as the originals.

Critics have slammed the design, which retails on Amazon for around 15 dollars, and accused its makers of trying to replace one “cult” with another.

“We already have Blue MAGA. It’s called not being MAGA,” author John Pavlovitz tweeted, one of just a flurry of messages giving the cold shoulder to the caps.

“We don’t need another cult. America just survived one. Enough with this. Not hats. Not chants. No crimes. No lies,” actress Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted.

“We have been warning about #BlueMAGA and the growing cultishness in the Democratic party all year long and now it is a reality,” podcaster Ryan Knight wrote.

“The Democrats are now making blue Maga hats. Who would’ve thought our entire country would turn into Bloods vs the Crips or even social slayer?” YouTuber David Keem added.

Though they have no official connection to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, the Biden Harris Hats have celebrated the Democrat’s victory and attempted to connect themselves to him as much as possible.

“Biden ‘Made America Great Already’ because he is sending Trump to prison,” the company behind the hats recently tweeted, along with images of people sporting the blue hats.

The company’s Twitter profile promises these blue MAGA hats will help “drown the red sea of hate.”

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