Hailey Bieber Blasts Us Weekly – Says They Should Worry About The Election Instead Of Her

Hailey Bieber Blasts Us Weekly – Says They Should Worry About The Election Instead Of Her

Hailey Baldwin isn’t happy with Us Weekly. Hot New Hip Hop says the outlet published a story claiming that she and Justin Bieber were expecting a baby. On her account, Hailey suggested she had to chime in because she knew they were about to “break (their) lil story.” The model added, “I’m not pregnant.”

On her Instagram Story this Friday, Hailey blasted the outlet and accused them of using false sources to create narratives in their best interest. She also said the organization should use its platform to focus on more important things like the election, instead of her.

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To the outlet’s credit, however, Justin and Hailey have talked about having kids a number of times, including when she did an interview for Vogue Italia in October. The 23-year-old model explained to Vogue Italia at the time that she and her man wanted to have babies but not anytime soon.

Baldwin-Bieber told the outlet she was always the type of person who wanted to have kids earlier in her life, but now that she’s married, she doesn’t feel the urge as much to have children. The star went on to say she was an “ambitious girl,” and she had a lot of things going on.

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Regarding her Instagram post in which she put Us Magazine on blast, Hailey Bieber finished off her message with a blue heart emoji, likely in reference to Joe Biden’s victory over Trump. As most know, Bieber has been supportive of Joe Biden ever since his nomination was announced.

Hailey also posted a picture of Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, who will make history as the first woman of color to be a vice president. As it was previously reported, Joe Biden was announced as the winner earlier this weekend.

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As for Justin and Hailey, the couple has been married ever since the ending of 2018. While they are fairly active politically, at least in terms of how they post on social media, Bieber and Justin are more open about mental health struggles and the importance of the destigmatization of psychological issues.

For instance, Hailey blasted Trump and supported Biden on World Mental Health day last month.