Harry Styles Reveals He Felt Olivia Wilde Was Too Cool For Him At First

Harry Styles Reveals He Felt Olivia Wilde Was Too Cool For Him At First

One of the most famous One Direction members since the band decided to go solo, Harry Styles has a pretty happening life on and off the stage and fans follow all of it. In a recent sitting at a Podcast, Styles sat down and talked about one of his latest songs titled, “Cinema.” The song’s subject matter revolves around the feeling of not feeling like you are cool enough for a romantic partner. When probed about the song, Styles revealed that the song refers to Styles’ current romantic partner, actress and director, Olivia Wilde .

Styles and Olivia Wilde first met way back in 2020 when Wilde cast the former One Direction member for a role in her psychological thriller project. The rumors of the possible romance between the two really took off when it was revealed to media outlets in 2021 that Styles and Wilde had attended Styles’ agent’s wedding together. Quite an intimate event; not one where you just go with anyone.

On the podcast, Harry talks about how in the beginning of the relationship between the two, he was unsure whether he was doing all the right things and was nervous that he might not be cool enough for Wilde, which is what the song talked about.

The host of the podcast tried to talk Harry up saying that there is no one in the world who would be too cool for the singer, but Harry stayed humble and said that he was only human. Styles said this is the beginning of the relationship stuff that probably happens to everyone.

“I think it’s, like, when you like someone, that initial phase. ‘Am I doing things right?’ Before you get comfortable with each other and it’s kinda, like, all of that stuff happens at the start of something,” Said Styles.

Only a couple weeks ago, Styles talked about Olivia on Sirius XM’s “The Howard Stern Show,” and revealed how his love for the actress began on set and also how wonderful it was to be directed by Wilde.

“I had a wonderful experience being directed by Olivia,” said Styles.