Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Say The Former Producer Is Likely To Die Behind Bars

Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Say The Former Producer Is Likely To Die Behind Bars

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly itching to get out of prison, and his team of lawyers has argued that he may die behind bars if he hasn’t transported out sometime soon. Hot New Hip Hop reported this weekend that the former producer’s attorney claimed he is too weak to serve the rest of his sentence.

If he is not freed on bail, he may die. Currently, Harvey is trying to appeal his Manhattan rape conviction after he was charged, convicted, and then sentenced for his crimes. The producer had been accused of sexual assault, harassment, and rape.

During a virtual hearing with Judge Angela Mazzarelli this weekend, Barry Kamins, his attorney, claimed the Miramax co-founder’s condition has worsened so much to the point that he may die if he isn’t released on bail.

Kamin has argued that Mr. Weinstein is currently fighting against spinal stenosis, coronary artery disease, as well as diabetic retinopathy. The producer is also in a wheelchair, and Kamin says he is nearly blind and is taking over twenty medications.


As it was previously reported, the producer is currently serving a 23-year sentence at Wende Correctional Facility, and his attornies have asked for his release on a $2 million bail. In the case that he did get out on a $2 million bail, Harvey would also have to pay another $5 million related to his LA case.

Additionally, Kamins says Harvey no longer has any money, and his friends would likely take care of the cost for him to get out. This wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity has tried to get out of prison after being charged and convicted.

Bill Cosby, who was accused of similar crimes during his long and illustrious career, has been petitioning for his release ever since he was incarcerated.

Mr. Cosby’s legal team has asked for him to be moved, citing that he may die behind bars if he isn’t let out, either from the coronavirus or his pre-existing conditions. Cosby is nearly blind as well.