‘He’s right’: Rose McGowan backs Matthew McConaughey’s criticisms of ‘condescending’ Hollywood liberals

‘He’s right’: Rose McGowan backs Matthew McConaughey’s criticisms of ‘condescending’ Hollywood liberals

“Matthew McConaughey is right,” McGowan tweeted on Thursday. “Hollywood has been condescending. Northern elite media liberals, too”, she wrote, adding, “[And] it trickles down.”

The non-conforming star, an outspoken activist, said such an attitude among the rich and powerful had been formed “far before” Donald Trump’s presidency, which many have suggested was the catalyst for apparent political and cultural divisons in the US. Rigid “illiberal” ideological frameworks “have formed how too many think,” she said.

McConaughey became a target of online backlash after saying on a podcast last week that some people “on that illiberal left” oftentimes “absolutely condescend, patronize, and are arrogant towards that other 50 percent” of America.

McGowan appeared to be advocating for a pivot away from partisanship based on mere cultural signifiers. “Break the class structure,” she concluded.

The actress’s comments were received well by some, with commenters calling her “brave” for going against the majority opinion of her celebrity clique. Many agreed that the media’s push for “diversity and representation” is but a “shallow” attempt to obfuscate issues affecting real people.

“Diversity of thought is Hollywood’s biggest threat and adversary,” wrote another.

Others concluded that, since McGowan was criticizing “liberals,” she must therefore have become a closeted “conservative.”

“Just be a Republican and get it out of your system,” tweeted one of her online critics.

McConaughey received similarly mixed reactions after he dared to criticize the liberal elite. The ‘True Detective’ star was hailed as a champion of free-thinking by some and labeled a conservative supporter of Donald Trump by others.

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