Iggy Azalea Slams Fans For Assuming Playboi Carti’s Cryptic Tweet Was Meant To Shade Her!

Iggy Azalea Slams Fans For Assuming Playboi Carti’s Cryptic Tweet Was Meant To Shade Her!

Seeing Playboi Carti’s latest tweet, many assumed it was directed at his ex, Iggy Azalea! However, the female rapper made it very clear that she is ‘pissed off’ by these rumors.

It all started with Playboi venting on Twitter about something he did not get into any details about, simply writing that he told ‘da bit shut up. My son crying,’ instead!

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Naturally, knowing that things between him and his baby mama did not end too well, many social media users assumed he was trying to shade Iggy in the cryptic tweet!

When she saw that fans would not be stopping the speculations anytime soon, Iggy took to her own platform to set things straight.

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In fact, she even contacted her baby daddy before addressing the rumors to make sure he really wasn’t, in fact, shading her.

‘I just spoke to my son’s father and apparently that isn’t meant to be about me. Apparently,’ she simply wrote.

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In other words, it sounds like her ex told her he was not talking about her, no matter how it may seem.

As for whom it was really aimed at, it remains to be revealed.

About an hour after her original post, Iggy’s fans were still speculating so she returned to her page with another message for them.

‘Y’all wrong as hell for your dumb a** Lil tweets. Why I gotta log on and see my name dragged in dirt over a random cryptic a** tweet, that hasn’t got s**t to do with me! For WHAT!? I mind my business. I hope your Mac and cheese burns in the oven on Thursday. Night! And yes, I’m pissed the f**k off. As I should be. As you would be.’

However, it’s hard to blame fans for assuming since Iggy has dragged her baby daddy in a tweet before as well, so why would he not do the same to her?