Irina Shayk made a splash in a dress with breathtaking cuts

Irina Shayk made a splash in a dress with breathtaking cuts

The day before in New York, there was a party at H & M x Hotel Hennes on the occasion of the grand opening of the pop-up hotel. Among the guests of the evening was the famous Russian model Irina Shayk .

The star appeared in a black midi dress with an open shoulder and a slit on the leg in public. The model completed the look with black tights and sandals.

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Shayk completed her look with a black retro bandage and oversized hoop earrings.

While some netizens questioned the suitability of Shayk’s tights, others called her to look perfect.

“Irina, as always, is on top,” “There is something of a Frenchwoman and a Spaniard in her image,” “The dress sits perfectly,” “The most beautiful in the world,” Irina’s fans write.

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The model herself opened up and said that she was going to spend the near future in New York.

Her mother will come to visit her, but her daughter Leah, whose holidays have not yet begun, is going to a summer camp. “I don’t feel that summer has already begun. I think it will officially begin in July,” said the star.

Underneath Freeman’s Alley, the crowd was heading to Freeman’s, a popular restaurant for drinks, in the second installment of the evening.

Sasha Lane stopped before heading to the hotel, where she turned to the Optical Illusion Room. “I’ve had a good, solid connection with H&M since the beginning of my career,” Lane said.

“I’ve always been down to representing H&M.” The “chat with friends” star has been shooting for the upcoming Apple TV + project “The Crowd Room” in New York for six months.

Although not a fan of summer “It’s the worst season for me,” he said Lane is looking forward to discovering a new perspective, thanks to his young daughter.