Island Baldwin teases followers with a photo

Island Baldwin teases followers with a photo

Over the years, Island Baldwin has moved towards accepting her own body.

Not so long ago, the girl finally succeeded. In a conversation with her followers, the celebrity wrote: “Accepting my cellulite, stretch marks, curves, eczema, ingrown, pale skin, regrown roots, hairy legs and other funny moments that make me human.”

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And the other day, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger once again decided to demonstrate that she is in a great relationship with her body.

Island posted a series of pictures taken during a trip to Italy. On them, the girl posed in a pink bikini, which almost entirely consisted of strings.

The minimalist design of the swimsuit barely managed to keep Baldwin’s shape.

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The girl also said that she had a great time. She even suggested that at one point, she would finally move to Sardinia.

She liked not only the pleasant climate but also the amazing local cuisine. Internet users once again admired the courage of the Island. “So beautiful!” “Being a man, it seems to me, is much better than trying to seem like a perfect doll,” “Beauty standards have long been outdated,” and “The main thing is to live up to your own ideals,” the followers responded in the comments.

At the top of Alia and RAC’s charming clips enjoying the Italian sun, she also gave fans a glimpse of the food she was enjoying, including delicious-looking pasta entrees and seafood.

Includes complex dishes. “I have eaten so many words here that I am becoming a claim,” he joked on Instagram. “I’m a Clam girl.

I’ve always dreamed of being a Marvel superhero, and I think Clam Girl works. The influencer recently turned his head when he revealed that he was now “in the freest mental headspace I’ve ever been to.”