Jared Kushner Alleges That Donald Trump Attempted To Intimidate Him By Claiming That Tom Brady Was Also Fascinated By Ivanka Trump

Thirteen years have passed since Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump wed. The pair dated for a year prior to getting married. Kushner described how he first met the intimidating Donald Trump Sr. in his book Breaking History: A White House Memoir.

Ivanka resolved to become a Jew in order to protect her lover. It wasn’t simple telling Donald Trump Kushner about her decision.

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He writes in the book, “When I managed to tell that Ivanka and I were getting more serious and that she was in the process of converting, I felt my voice tremble.”

When Jared inquired why his daughter should change her religion, Trump responded coolly and exclusively focused on her. Kushner went on to say that she chose to do this.

“This is incredible. Most still mistakenly believe I am Jewish. My friends are mostly Jews. I’ve received honors from synagogues. Israel adores me, Trump remarked.

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The former president also made sure that Kushner did not let his guard down despite supporting his daughter’s desire to convert to Judaism. He was informed by Donald Trump that Tom Brady, a well-known American football star and current spouse of Gisele Bundchen, is his daughter’s potential new love interest.

The sportsman, though, asserted that he was happily married to Gisele Bundchen and denied ever having any relationship with the daughter of the former US President.

I don’t regret anything; I think I married the most amazing woman,” he stated. After Howard Stern claimed that Trump wanted him and Ivanka to form a “power dynasty,” Brady added that he was glad he wed Gisele Bündchen.

I married the woman of my dreams. Therefore it all worked out for me; he added, “He never proposed anything to me. “I have no regrets because I believe I married the most incredible woman,”