Jason Momoa Says He Was ‘Starving’ After Starring In Game Of Thrones – He Couldn’t Find Work For Years

Jason Momoa Says He Was ‘Starving’ After Starring In Game Of Thrones – He Couldn’t Find Work For Years

During a new interview with reporters from InStyle, Jason Momoa, the Game Of Thrones alum, revealed that he couldn’t find work in Hollywood for years after starring as Khal Drogo on HBO’s GOT. Surprisingly, the actor explained that he actually went broke.

Page Six reported on the InStyle interview in which the 41-year-old performer claimed he and his family were “starving” after appearing in Game Of Thrones. The actor says he couldn’t find work no matter how hard he tried.

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Momoa conceded that it was “very challenging” to be a father while at the same time trying to climb out of debt. According to Jason, he struggled to pay the bills for years until he finally managed to secure a job in 2016’s Justice League.

The news comes as a big shock to fans of Momoa, considering these days, he’s a leading actor and his role as Aquaman was a huge success. Momoa claimed that in the early days of his career, it was a challenge to find work.

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Momoa first got a job in Baywatch Hawaii but it went off the air in 2001. Not long after, he moved to LA but he said he couldn’t even find an agent for several years. Put simply, Momoa doesn’t take any of his blessings for granted; he’s more than grateful for the opportunities he has been given and his current success.

According to Jason, when he looked at the trailer of his latest film, Dune, he could hardly believe that he was looking at his name alongside those of Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin. The actor joked that he feels “like a kid” and is “freaking out” about it to this day.

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As it was just noted, Jason is also the father of two children with his wife, Lisa Bonet. Earlier this year, the actor was in the headlines once again when Lenny Kravitz wished him a happy birthday even though Jason is now married to his ex-wife.

To explain it another way, most would assume Jason and Lenny would merely be on friendly terms, but it appears as though they’re much closer than expected.