Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Mentioned By The Wedding Planner

The most talked-about wedding of the year so far has been the union of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck , which took place last week in Las Vegas.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Mentioned By The Wedding Planner. According to rumors, the couple will soon plan a big party. While they were enjoying their new position as husband and wife, experts competed to be the first to discuss the small, private wedding.

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The chapel worker was then followed by Ben and Jennifer’s wedding coordinator. He talked to People reporters. The 49-year-old guy evaluated Lopez and Affleck’s odds after marrying about 10,000 couples.

The wedding planner concluded, “I am positively certain that Jennifer and Ben are going to be together for a very long time.”

He continued by saying that the feelings between the couple are really genuine. “I believe they each discovered their soul match in the other. The wedding planner expressed her firm belief that the two were destined to be together.

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By the way, he corroborated the chapel employee’s statement that the wedding, although somewhat hurried and quite humble, became highly emotional for both newlyweds.

Remember how earlier reports in the media claimed that Ben and Jennifer sobbed as they said their vows of fidelity to one another? So how can you not think that love exists?

A source told us in April that “after the last time they got engaged, there won’t be any statements of when and where they are tying the knot.” “They’ll just go ahead and do it,”

“Friends will be invited to something like a birthday, but it will turn out to be a wedding, and they will get married in front of like 30, 40 people,” a source informed us at the time. Lopez and Affleck’s representatives did not respond to calls for comment.