Jill Biden turns hysteria over ‘Dr.’ title into call to prevent world’s ‘daughters’ from being ‘diminished’

Jill Biden turns hysteria over ‘Dr.’ title into call to prevent world’s ‘daughters’ from being ‘diminished’

“Together, we will build a world where the accomplishments of our daughters will be celebrated, rather than diminished,” Biden tweeted on Sunday.

Many have taken the vague message as a response to a controversial Wall Street Journal opinion piece from Joseph Epstein targeting Biden’s ‘Dr.’ title, arguing that referring to her as such “feels fraudulent” as her degrees are in education and she is not a medical doctor.

Biden earned her doctorate in 2007 from the University of Delaware and is referred to as “Dr. Jill Biden” in most official documents.

Epstein also referred to Biden as a “kiddo” in the piece, triggering accusations of misogyny. A Biden spokesperson demanded the opinion article be taken down and the Wall Street Journal apologize for the “disgusting and sexist attack.”

Even Northwestern University, where Epstein has previously taught, released a statement denouncing the writer.

Others, however, have mocked the response, including Biden’s, for inflating the issue into an argument about sexism.

Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro accused Biden of “trying to turn a criticism of the idiotic equation between liberal arts doctorates and medical degrees into a referendum on misogyny.”

“Together, let’s build a world where women stand on their own, rather than hiding behind their gender when they’re called out for inflating their academic credentials,” Grabien Media founder Tom Elliott added.

“Trump era: Melania is a heartless ice queen trophy wife porn star Evita Peron Marie Antoinette fascist gardener,” Tablet Magazine associate editor Noah Blum wrote. “Biden era: May I pretty please call the first lady by her name? (spoiler alert: The answer is no).”

The Wall Street Journal responded to widespread criticism of Epstein’s article in a separate story by noting other essays that had made similar points about doctorate degrees being diminished over the years, as well as calling out the media for “mobilizing” around the Bidens to denounce the story.

“In this case the Biden team was able to mobilize almost all of the press to join in denouncing Mr. Epstein and the Journal… this strategy worked to protect Joe and Hunter Biden during the campaign, so it’s no surprise that they’re keeping it up as they head to the White House,” the response reads.

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