JLo in an outfit perfect for a weekday date

JLo in an outfit perfect for a weekday date

The pop diva dropped in to work with her fiancé, who is in the midst of shooting.

Reporters photographed Jennifer Lopez along with 14-year-old daughter Emme on the set of an as-yet-untitled film, which is being worked on in Los Angeles by the singer’s lover Ben Affleck.

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JLo, 52, looked as stylish as ever, choosing a romantic chiffon blouse with a soft ruffled collar, high-waisted jeans, invariable heels, aviator glasses, and pulling her hair into a high ponytail for a visit.

The deliberately modest cut and translucent fabric of the blouse helped the pop diva to create the image of a sexy modest woman, which, obviously, she was trying to achieve when she was going for this walk.

In a previous post, J. Lo performed at the Dodger Stadium Charity Gala last weekend wearing a dramatic pajama-style suit in turquoise silk adorned with multiple feathers of the same color.

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But the main shock of the evening was not the singer’s outfit and not even the appearance of her daughter on stage in a hot pink hip-hop outfit.

Viewers of the show witnessed how Lopez first publicly declared the gender of Emme Muñiz – not the fact that the word “daughter” will be correct in this case.

Jennifer called Emme the pronoun they “they” which is used by non-binary people who do not associate themselves with the female or male sex.

The statement of the pop diva sounded very touching the audience could see how deeply and sincerely the star loves her child.

“We’ve already performed together in a stadium as big as this one, and I keep asking them to sing with me, and they don’t want to.

So this is a special occasion,” the singer admitted, referring to a performance with Emme at Hard Rock Stadium in February 2020 in Miami.