Joe Giudice Already Really Misses His Daughters After Their Return To The US!

Joe Giudice Already Really Misses His Daughters After Their Return To The US!

Joe Giudice’s daughters, Gia and Milania Giudice just went back home but their dad already misses them like crazy! As fans may know, the teens spent almost two weeks with their dad in Italy but it felt like only a minute to him and now that they are gone, he can’t help but be heartbroken that they’re not by his side anymore.

Furthermore, the fact that neither one of them has any idea when they will be able to visit him again makes the situation even harder for Joe.

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The reunion that happened earlier this month was really heartwarming since it was the first time the girls were able to see their dad in person in nearly a year, because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions, but all good things must come to an end.

One insider dished via HollywoodLife that ‘It’s just been over a week since Gia and Milania left Italy, but Joe misses his girls like crazy already. He’s incredibly thankful they were able to come and visit with him because it’s been almost a year since he’s been able to hug them and hold them in his arms.’

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The girls and their dad made sure to document their time together in Rome and they shared a lot of pics from the trip on social media much to the excitement of their followers.

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At the same time, even after the girls returned to New Jersey, they remained in contact with their dad, as always, and they made sure to FaceTime on Thanksgiving.

Now, Joe is looking forward to having his other two girls visit him as well!

‘Joe and his mom, Filomena, FaceTimed with the girls on Thanksgiving which was incredible. He was literally counting down the days until Gia and Milania arrived and it seemed like the time flew by while they were there. He’s beyond grateful they came to see him, but it also breaks his heart when they leave. He would love to figure out when Gabby and Audriana can come out next, and a trip with all his girls together when it’s safe would be a dream come true.’