Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s juror declares no one considered her ‘crocodile tears.’

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s juror declares no one considered her ‘crocodile tears.’

One of the jurors who took part in the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard agreed on the condition of anonymity to comment on the sensational trial for the Good Morning America show. The juror spoke on the most resonant topics that excited the public and became the subject of discussion on the network. For example, he shared his opinion about the emotions of Amber Heard, which seemed to many to be too feigned.

Much of her story doesn’t add up. Most of the jurors thought she was the aggressor. Her crying, her expression, her looks at the jury — we were all very uncomfortable. She answered one question and cried; after two seconds, she became icy. Some of us called it “crocodile tears.”

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The juror said.

The meeting participant also noted that Johnny Depp aroused more confidence among the jury.

Many jurors ended up finding what he was saying more believable. It just seemed a little more realistic regarding how he answered questions. His emotional state was remarkably stable all the time,

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the jury admitted.

The trial was heatedly discussed on social networks, where many sided with Johnny Depp. Hurd, on the contrary, was criticized and harassed – Depp’s fans even launched several petitions demanding to deprive the actress of roles. However, the juror said that he and his colleagues did not rely on the opinion of social networks.

We followed the evidence. At least two other board members and I do not use Twitter* or Facebook**. Others who had them decided not to discuss social networks,

the man said.

The juror also commented on one of the most striking episodes of the trial, when it turned out that Amber still did not donate the $ 7 million received after the divorce to charity as promised.