Jojo Siwa Admits Her Makeover By James Charles Is Still The ‘Scariest Day’ Of Her Life – Here’s Why!

Jojo Siwa opened up about the temporary makeover influencer James Charles gave her and she revealed a very surprising fact – that was the ‘scariest day’ of her life! Here’s what she had to say during a new interview!

Jojo Siwa’s personal style is uncontestably uniquely hers and so, when James Charles gave her a makeover that surprised the internet, she looked like a completely different person!

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Like always, the beauty YouTuber did an amazing job but for Jojo, it was a really scary experience since she revealed that she is not a big fan of change or of trying out new things!

So when she had to put down the massive colorful bow, take her hair out of her tight ponytail and try out the latest makeup trends, Jojo was nothing short of terrified!

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In fact, as she put it, it was the ‘scariest day of [her] life!’

During her interview for Daily Pop, the YouTuber opened up about it, saying that ‘I was terrified. It was really, really, really, really, fun and it was something really, really, really, really, really different.’

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When asked why she was so scared, she went on to explain that ‘I don’t like looking different, I don’t like eating different, I don’t like doing anything different. I don’t like new things, I don’t like different things, I like to stick to the plan. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’

And it’s definitely not broken given how iconic her look has become.

In fact, the 17 year old has, multiple times, given her own type of makeover to other stars as well, one being James Charles himself!

The same thing happened back in September with none other than Paris Hilton, which was definitely very fun for people to watch since the heiress has a very recognizable signature style as well!