Jon Gosselin Details What Really Happened When ‘Manic’ Son Collin Accused Him Of Child Abuse!

Jon Gosselin Details What Really Happened When ‘Manic’ Son Collin Accused Him Of Child Abuse!

While a guest on today’s episode of ‘Dr. Oz,’ Jon Gosselin opened up about a lot, including the accusations that he abused his son, Collin. That being said, the former reality TV star told his side of the story of what actually happened when the teen accused him of hitting him!

As you might remember, the 16 year old claimed his father had punched and kicked him in the ribs and his estranged mother, Kate Gosselin was quick to also accuse Jon of child abuse in some posts on social media following the incident.

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In the meantime, the boy’s post about his dad’s abuse has been deleted.

Now, Jon is recalling what exactly happened that day.

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According to him, he was driving the two kids that live under his roof, Collin and Hannah back from the orthodontist and was rushing to get back to work. Then, the drama started!

‘They were arguing in the car, I don’t even know about what. Collin got out of the car, Hannah was yelling. I was like, come on, I gotta get back to work, can you guys calm down. Collin got upset and he threw — I don’t even know what it was, a piece of plastic or something — at my car. That elevated me a little because I was already in a hurry. It dented the car. He got in my face and said upsetting words and stuff like that. He tried to push past me and we got entangled and I had to do a restraint on him,’ Jon told Dr. Oz.

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The dad of 8 went on to mention that this was not even the first time he was forced to do a ‘therapeutic restraint’ on his son for the sake of both of their safety.

Jon explained that it is needed ‘so the patient doesn’t hurt themselves or others. It’s holding their arms or just keeping them from going to another position. But it’s also protecting you so they don���t punch you or any of those kinds of things. I’ve done this in the past. I knew it was coming, but it’s nothing you want to do as a parent because the emotions afterwards are like…why am I doing this? You second guess yourself, but it’s already done.’

Jon then went back to work but only 5 minutes after, he got a call from Hannah who told him the police had been called by Collin who claimed his dad had punched and kicked him.

The girl gave testimony to the cops of what actually happened and then they got Jon and Collin’s testimonies as well.

‘I didn’t confront [Collin] then because he was in a manic state,’ Jon explained, stressing that in that situation, you wouldn’t want to raise the tensions even more, so the teen went to stay with Jon’s brother for a while.