Jordyn Woods Makes Fans Happy With This Simple Hair Tutorial – Watch The Video And See The Reason For Which She Received Backlash

Jordyn Woods Makes Fans Happy With This Simple Hair Tutorial – Watch The Video And See The Reason For Which She Received Backlash

Jordyn Woods‘ fans and followers have always been really curious about her hair and how she takes care of it, what products she uses and so on. She decided to post a video on her social media account that you can also check out below.

She is dropping some pretty interesting tips and tricks as you will see for yourselves.

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‘Simple Hair Tutorial 💕keeps it healthy and nourished with my sew-in plus all of the products smell so good, and they’re made with clean ingredients—love, love, love. 😚’ Jordyn began her message.

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She continued and told people: ‘For this quick routine, I used: Curl Love Moisture Milk Cocoa Nibs & Honey Ultimate Growth Serum.’

People hopped in the comments saying that this is not her real hair, and it’s just a wig.

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Someone said: ‘But that’s not your natural hair though…’

A commenter posted this: ‘But I’m confused because that’s not your real hair 🧐🤔. Only the leave out it, which is clearly a different texture when wet. Love the idea but let’s be realistic. Especially for the mixed girls that look up to you and would love realistic tips for their hair and not for folks with that hair texture.’

Someone else posted: ‘#CamilleRose products are handcrafted gourmet blends #MixedFreshToOrder by @janell_stephens made with Love.💋’

One other follower said: ‘She has a LEAVE OUT that’s her REAL hair and her hair is BRAIDED underneath so yes she’s still caring for her hair, y’all act so remedial 🙄.’

Someone else defended Jordyn and said: ‘Whew, all the hate in these comments. If you can’t afford human hair bundles, just say that. ����🏾‍♀️ ‘

A commenter posted: ‘Lord didn’t expect the comment section to look like this. Y’all. Y’all should still be oiling your scalp with your install, just not too much, so it doesn’t make the weave greasy…sigh people.’

Someone else also defended Jordyn and said this: ‘For anyone’s info you have to take care of weave and put products in and condition just like real hair. Or it looks terrible. So this is helpful to one’s who wear protective styles.’

In other news, during a new interview for HollywoodLife, Jordyn Woods opened up about her fitness journey and healthy lifestyle in general.

The model also explained what inspired her to take working out so seriously and more!