Julia Roberts in denim mini shorts boasted a toned figure

Julia Roberts in denim mini shorts boasted a toned figure

The beauty showed long slender legs. Julia Roberts , 54, was spotted on the beach while filming the new thriller Leave the World Behind for Netflix.

The actress looked casual and stylish in an olive green one-piece swimsuit, navy blue shirt, and denim mini shorts, showing off her toned legs. The starlet down her luxuriously long hair and chose aviator sunglasses.

Julia was last seen filming part of the same scene in mid-May. Wearing the same blue button-down shirt, glasses, shorts, and straw hat, Roberts filmed with Ethan Hawke, 51, and Charlie Evans in New York City.

Leave the World Behind is established in the novel of the same name by Rumaan Alam. According to Deadline, it’s “a story about two families who don’t know each other and are forced to spend a weekend together.” The film was directed by Sam Esmail, known for the series “Mr. Robot.

In a previous post, The show will focus on the 1972 Watergate scandal, which has been called the most serious peacetime political crisis in American history.

Then the police discovered the attempts of the team of the incumbent President Nixon to install listening devices at the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Washington during the 1972 presidential election campaign.

As a result, journalists nicknamed Nixon “rogue Dick,” and the President himself resigned. Julia Roberts plays Martha Mitchell, the wife of the US Attorney General in the Nixon administration.

It was she who accidentally found materials compromising high-ranking officials and was the first to publicly sound the alarm about the President’s involvement in the Watergate scandal. While her husband, John Mitchell, used gaslighting techniques against her so that no one would believe Martha.

As a result, the woman was considered mentally ill and forcibly placed in a clinic. It wasn’t until 1975 that the CIA acknowledged that she was right.