Justin Bieber And Hailey Bieber Are Now Closer Than Ever Thanks To This Reason

Justin Bieber And Hailey Bieber Are Now Closer Than Ever Thanks To This Reason

It’s been just reported that Justin Bieber got closer to Haily Bieber than ever following the latest events. Check out the latest news about what these two said below.

The Shade Room revealed the following: ‘The Biebers recently made headlines as both Justin and Hailey opened up about experiencing serious health issues within months of each other. #HaileyBieber was hospitalized in April after experiencing a stroke, and #JustinBieber announced he’s been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome–conditions that have brought them even closer together, according to Hailey.’

TSR said: ‘Mrs. Bieber recently spoke with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest and reflected on the impact their recent diagnosis’s have had on their relationship.’

‘We are both dealing with older illnesses for sure. Honestly the silver lining in the whole situation–what he went through, what I went through–it really bonds you. I feel like we’re closer than,’ TSR said.

Someone said this: ‘they goin through it but they have eachother through all of it tho & i love that for them!’ and a commenter said: ‘They roxkin w each other that’s how it’s pose to be.’

One other follower posted this message: ‘It feels like they’re hexed to me in some sense….’ and a follower said: ‘How much they get paid to pretend their illnesses aren’t COVID vaccine side effects?’

Not too long ago, it’s been revealed that Justin Bieber was recently diagnosed with a very rare condition known as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which sometimes has the unfortunate side effect of facial paralysis, as Justin himself got to experience.

The singer took to social media to update his fans about his health , posting a video which very clearly showed half of his face suffering from paralysis.

The video immediately made rounds on social media and Beliebers across the globe became incredibly worried for the health of the 28-year-old pop sensation. Messages of best wishes and support and love flooded in on the pop star’s social media.