Justin Bieber spoke about his condition after he was paralyzed in half of the face

Justin Bieber spoke about his condition after he was paralyzed in half of the face

A few days ago, the famous singer Justin Bieber told fans the sad news – the musician canceled his concert tour because he was diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome.

As a result, the singer paralyzed half of his face, because of which he could not blink one eye and smile fully.

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Three days after Justin told about his illness, he said on social networks how he feels now.

“Every day, I get better. And despite all the discomfort, I find comfort in the one who created me and knew me. I remind myself that he knows everything about me.

He knows my darkest side, which I do not want to reveal to others. And he is always happy to welcome me into His loving arms. I know the storm will pass, but for now, Jesus is with me,” wrote Bieber.

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Bieber is about to undergo treatment. The singer is very optimistic and expects a full recovery. Justin’s relatives are also confident that he will soon recover and return to everyday life.

But how long the recovery process will take is unknown.

In a previous post, In the life of the Bieber couple, this is not the rosiest period. At the end of March, Hayley underwent heart surgery after she suffered a micro stroke.

So now Justin has serious health problems.

Bieber announced this on social media when he canceled his world tour. According to the musician, the doctors diagnosed him with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome.

As a result of a rare complication of herpes zoster, he suffered temporary facial paralysis.

Judging by the singer’s video message, now the complications have affected only the right side of the face.

However, it is known that the diagnosis can lead to complete paralysis of the facial nerves and hearing loss.

While these symptoms are most often temporary, they can also become chronic.