Kamala Harris Delivers Powerful And Inspiring Speech After Becoming First Woman Vice President

Kamala Harris Delivers Powerful And Inspiring Speech After Becoming First Woman Vice President

After Joe Biden was announced victorious in the presidential election, his running mate and now, VP, celebrated alongside the new POTUS and delivered her very own inspirational speech for the first time after the news was confirmed. It’s been days since the election, time during which all the votes were counted and the American citizens waited anxiously to learn the results.

But now, for those who voted blue, it’s a time for celebration for more than one reason.

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As you may know, Kamala Harris is not only the first woman Vice President, she is also the first Black, Indian and biracial Vice President in America, ever!

Harris came out to Mary J. Blige’s ‘Work That’ and addressed the crowd while they cheered on her loudly.

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Her speech was inspirational and powerful and she reflected on what the fact that she now holds this position as a woman of color means for future generations.

She started her speech by saying that ‘Congressman John Lewis before his passing wrote “Democracy isn’t a state, it is an act.” What he meant was that America’s democracy isn’t guaranteed. It’s only as strong as all our willingness to fight for it. Guard it and never take it for granted. Protecting our democracy takes struggle. Takes sacrifice. But there’s joy in it. And there’s progress. Because we, the people, have power to build a better future.’

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She went on: ‘And when our democracy was on the ballots in this election with the soul of America at stake and the whole world watching, you ushered in a brand new day for America.’

She stressed that by voting for Joe Biden, people have managed to protect the ‘integrity of our democracy.’

Kamala praised Joe Biden and his family during her message and also touched upon being the first woman Vice President but definitely not the last.

‘Because every little girl watching us tonight sees this is a country of possibilities and to all the children of our country regardless of gender, our country has sent a clear message to them: Dream with ambition, lead with conviction and see yourselves in a way that others may not simply because they’ve never seen it before,’ she said in part.

For more on what she had to say, check out the speech in its entirety!