Kandi Burruss Films A Video With Don Juan – Check Out The Subjects They Addressed

Kandi Burruss Films A Video With Don Juan – Check Out The Subjects They Addressed

Kandi Burruss made a video with Don Juan, and she shared it on her YouTube Channel. You can check out what they talked about in the clip below.

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People love these two together, and they asked Kandi to make more similar video.

Someone said: ‘Y’all friendship ain’t even a friendship it’s more like a family ship 😂🥰 I’m loving it.’

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A person on YouTube said: ‘Kandi… u and Don Juan are awesome!!! He’s so insightful.. your team rocks!!!! You have a great circle…’

Another person said: ‘@KandiOnline I like the friendship between you two. How did you guys meet and end up working together? Storytime!’

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Someone else said: ‘You guys are so correct!! Everyone can have an opinion, and that doesn’t make them bad people.’

One subscriber left this message: ‘I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet Don Juan, and he is such an amazing person.. he treats you as though he has known you for years… I see why Kandi has him in her corner… 🌸🌸🌸’

Someone else said: ‘Kandi yams……my favourite housewife hands down. Love Don Juan too; he is so hilarious, especially when shading or reading someone. ❤’

A commenter posted this: ‘You know what I think people need to leave Ice Cube alone he got the right to be on either party side, but he told everybody over and over again that he is not on any side that’s the problem with our culture we too busy being followers and not leaders if people want to put Ice Cube down for doing something they talked about but won’t do s*** about!’

Someone else said: ‘I feel Kandi doesn’t like to discuss politics. Either. It protects her peace. We have to. We all have to agree to disagree. Black America.’

Recently,bKandi Burruss celebrated the birthday of her mom, and she made sure to share a gorgeous photo on her social media account in order to mark this event.