Karamo Brown Is Working With The Salvation Army — Here’s Why That’s Problematic

Karamo Brown Is Working With The Salvation Army — Here’s Why That’s Problematic

    Karamo Brown Is Working With The Salvation Army — Here’s Why That’s Problematic

    Let us explain.

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    On Monday, star and licensed psychotherapist and social worker Karamo Brown shared that he was working with the Salvation Army. But he’s not the first celeb to partner with the controversial company.


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    “So excited to help the @salvationarmyus #RescueChristmas this year!” Karamo captioned his post on Instagram. “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the holidays will be harder on our most vulnerable neighbors. Donate through RescueChristmas.org to provide food, shelter, and presents under the tree for families in need! 🎄🎁”

    He joins the likes of other big-name stars, like Becky G, Meghan Trainor, Carrie Underwood, Destiny’s Child, Chris Rock, Kelly Clarkson, and Kim Kardashian, among others, who have worked with the Salvation Army in the past.

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    Read the full list on SA’s website here.

    Karamo soon started facing backlash after posting his partnership with the org: “Karamo continues to be so disappointing,” one person wrote.

    Karamo continues to be so disappointing.

    “Can his PR team do any research before he co-signs an organization with known anti-LGBTQ views?” one person tweeted.

    Can his PR team do any research before he co-signs an organization with known Anti-LGBTQ views. @Karamo https://t.co/35V4j0r49X

    Here’s why that backlash is warranted.


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    The Salvation Army does, in fact, have a long history of anti-LGBTQ controversies and allegations dating back to the ’80s, according to Vox , Huffington Post , and Advocate


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    Like, there’s a full timeline you can read here.


    But more recently, in 2012, a case worker for a Vermont Salvation Army branch alleged that she was fired after her supervisor learned she was bisexual.

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    That same year — in an attempt to deny that the Salvation Army was anti-LGBTQ — spokesperson George Hood said , “A relationship between same-sex individuals is a personal choice that people have the right to make. But from a church viewpoint, we see that going against the will of God.”

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    Sexual orientation is not a choice, and it is not against the will of God. Period.

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    In 2017, The Salvation Army branch in Brooklyn reportedly rejected transgender people at their substance abuse centers, according to ThinkProgress.

    Salvation Army headline about rejecting trans people

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    Still, “The Salvation Army provides all of our services, including but not limited to: food, shelter and support of survivors of human trafficking; according to one’s gender identity,” said SA rep Laura Krueger in 2017.

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    The Salvation Army has continued to emphasize that it is not anti-LGBTQ, but because of its past and recent controversies, a lot of people have a hard time believing them.

    The salvation army forced a trans homeless woman to freeze to death bc they kicked her out of a shelter bc she was trans. Do not give them shit. https://t.co/eN7amZSRq5


    Twitter: @milknmuffins

    @milknmuffins / Via Twitter: @milknmuffins

    As a reminder, as someone who was homeless: Salvation Army makes you pray for your meals. They make you sit up and beg like a dog. They hate queer people. They hate trans people. They are a lie of an organization. Support groups like Outside In instead. https://t.co/mlBNOwgoTy

    So, maybe this holiday season — especially when funds and resources are so sparse — think twice about which charities you donate to. Do the research, and make sure you’re standing with the right organization!

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