Kate Middleton appeared in a tight-fitting snow-white suit

Kate Middleton appeared in a tight-fitting snow-white suit

You can look sexy and attractive at official events. Kate Middleton quickly proves this. True, as a royal person, she will never allow herself too much and will not wear a frivolous outfit.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge knows how to select images that emphasize her slender figure masterfully but at the same time are pretty elegant and formal.

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The best confirmation of this is Kate’s recent appearance at the opening ceremony in London of a monument to the pioneers of Windrush, who arrived in the UK after the Second World War.

At Waterloo Station, the Duchess appeared in the company of her beloved husband, who chose a classic suit for this visit.

Kate herself settled on an elegant snow-white suit with slightly flared trousers and a fitted jacket, amazingly emphasizing her chiseled figure.

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Along with it, she picked up matching pumps and a miniature handbag. Beautiful large earrings completed the bow.

In a previous post, “Prince George followed in the footsteps of his relatives,” several British tabloids came out with such headlines the day before.

The eight-year-old son of the Duke of Cambridge was the first to support the values ​​of “green” organizations, as Princes William, Charles and Philip did before him.

The eldest son of the Dukes has hosted a charity bake sale to raise money for one of the Tusk social movements, advocating for the protection of the planet from pollution and global warming as well as for the preservation of biological diversity.

Its founder, Charles Mayhew, has a long and close relationship with Prince William, who has taken on the responsibility of being a trustee of the environmental initiative.

Charles told press members that Prince George donated the money to the foundation, accompanied by a note asking them to use it to care for endangered species in Africa.

Share the amount of money that the boy managed to raise; neither the head of Tusk nor the representatives of Buckingham palace did not.