Katy Perry Fans Mistake Her For Adele During Virtual Performance

Katy Perry Fans Mistake Her For Adele During Virtual Performance

During the virtual Tmall Double 11 Gala, Katy Perry performed a medley of some of her most well known songs and fans are rather confused, not by the singing but by her looks! Since Perry rocked a vintage glam look, complete with blonde wavy hair, many mistook her for none other than fellow singer Adele!

It’s safe to say that ever since Adele has debuted her massive weight loss, many have started to notice, more than ever before, just how much she and Katy Perry resemble each other!

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But now, more than ever, Katy Perry looked like Adele’s twin during the virtual event.

One fan took to the comment section to wonder: ‘Is that Adele?’ which sparked an entire thread of similar comments from other followers, assuring the OP that they had ‘thought this was Adele too.’

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Someone else went on to also write that they ‘thought I am the only one who thinks that way. What happened to her? Her style looks more like Adele now.’

Indeed, as mentioned before, Katy is now wearing her strawberry blond hair in long waves, which is pretty similar to Adele’s own hairstyle these days.

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While the resemblance is definitely in the facial features, there is no doubt that this change of haircut only increased the similarity.

After all, usually, Katy Perry rocks her hair in a platinum blond and above her shoulders so it makes sense that her sudden change of style caused fans to think of someone else who rocks the long blonde waves more often – Adele!

Either way, no matter the resemblance of Katy Perry and Adele, fans still loved to watch her performance.

Both women are definitely very talented, having more than just their looks in common when it comes to their vocal skills and stage presence.