Kelsea Ballerini Claps Back At User Assuming She’s Pregnant!

Kelsea Ballerini is not someone who just takes people’s rude attitudes and comments about her! That being said, she did not hesitate to clap back when one fan wondered whether or not she is pregnant!

The 27 year old country singer stressed just how ‘incredibly insensitive’ it is to just assume that a woman is expecting.

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The fan was not actually trying to be rude and was rather well intentioned but did not realize at first what that kind of question can do to someone.

That being said, after the star responded, politely arguing against asking women if they’re pregnant, the user, probably feeling embarrassed, went on to delete their original tweet.

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Kelsea Ballerini wrote: ‘I am sure you mean well, but it is incredibly insensitive to ask or assume if another woman is pregnant. I am not, by the way. Just carrying around my organs. But if I were, I would want to share that in my own time when I felt ready. Let’s not judge bloat levels on the internet.’

Soon after she argued her case, Kelsea received a lot of support as well as messages from other women with similar experiences.

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One of her followers shared that ‘People keep asking me if I am pregnant every time I say I feel sick or act emotional. It’s tiring. I just got married and that’s everybody reaction now when I say anything. I have just started going ‘you might be right’ or ‘possibly.’ They usually shut up after that.’

This tweet in particular amused quite a lot of people and they also thought it was a genius method of getting people to stop speculating about them being pregnant.

And who knows? Maybe even Kelsea Ballerini will use the same response the next time someone assumes she is with child for no reason.