Kenya Moore Praises The Memory Of Breonna Taylor

Kenya Moore Praises The Memory Of Breonna Taylor

Kenya Moore shared a post in the memory of Breonna Taylor on her social media account a few days ago. Check it out below.

‘Beautiful #breonnataylor 😢 what a travesty,’ Kenya captioned her post.

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Beautiful #breonnataylor 😢 what a travesty

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Someone said: ‘I wish y’all would stop this foolishness and stop the mess and get the facts, this chic lived a dangerous life and paid with her life when you get caught up with career criminals, guns and drugs, what do you expect 🤷🏽‍♀️. Y’all forgetting about all the drugs and gang violence that’s plaguing the black community as we speak? How many innocent kids have died in their homes and beds because of drive-bys? Give the same energy and attention to the real problems that plague black communities 💯’

A commenter wrote: ‘The travesty is due to her drug-dealing boyfriend. Any of you care about the facts?’

One other commenter posted this: ‘It’s sad, but that’s why they say you are the company you keep. She was in the wrong place, and he was not the right man for her, or he would have protected her! Stand up for what’s right, abs, but what the narrative is you want.’

A follower posted this message: ‘I went on the hunt earlier today for this magazine cover too. It was sold out everywhere. The devastation in how she was murdered by police and no justice is heartbreaking. 💔’

Someone else said: ‘he’s beautiful and it is a travesty to think they’re going to have a trial, or she will never even be talked about this guy is going to get off as well as the other two no justice for Brianna😪’

Another followewr posted this: ‘I read everybody different views and comments, but at the end of the day, a parent lost a child, a sister was lost, and a friend was lost! Take your same energy and educate your children about what to do and not to do in these streets and just love them. We all read different comments in the media or news, but NO parent wants to lose a child due to any circumstances! Y’all, please chill – we are under Kenya’s post, and we don’t know if Ms. Taylor follows Kenya or her family. 🙏’

In other news, Kenya Moore dropped a video on her social media account that had fans smiling in the comments.

They made sure to send love to her and to her baby girl, Brooklyn Daly, who is also featured in the clip.