Kenya Moore Shared Her Joy With Fans, Telling Them ‘It’s Out Time’

Kenya Moore Shared Her Joy With Fans, Telling Them ‘It’s Out Time’

Kenya Moore is another one of your favourite celebrities who is celebrating what’s been going on in the US. Check out her latest post on social media.

Someone said: ‘Except she locks black men up in prison for fun🤔’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘That’s the problem, It should be everyone’s time!!’

One follower said: ‘Because of Biden and Kamala’s win and The Donald’s exit from the White House people are dancing in the streets. Thank you, Jesus!’

Someone else posted this: ‘And first African American vice president,’ and a commenter said: ‘thank you, Lord for opening doors for my people so I. Myself can have the same opportunity.’

A follower said: ‘This hasn’t been decided yet. The media don’t determine who wins an election.’

Someone else posted this: ‘You said it was your time when Obama was President he did nothing for the black community, and she has put more young black men in prison and thrown away the key! Fact check that!!!’

Another commenter said: ‘She’s not Black she’s Indian American. She was sworn in as an Indian American. She just changed her race to get the black vote. She put so many black people in jail. Wth is wrong with you ppl.’

Someone else posted this: ‘Hopefully the media will start saying the First Female Vice President, not the “First Black Female Vice President”. We all can see she’s Black, but she’s the First Female Vice President ever in the USA. Period!!!’

A fan said: ‘‪Don’t get too excited yet. Media can’t call a race. Each state has to certify their votes, and most are not due till end of November. #knowthesystem.’

Kenya Moore impressed her fans with a photo in which she’s wearing an amazing outfit, and people are praising her in the comments.