Kevin Hart’s Son Does An Impression Of His Daddy, Social Media Falls in Love

Kevin Hart’s Son Does An Impression Of His Daddy, Social Media Falls in Love

It appears Kevin Hart ‘s son is ready to give his daddy a run for his money. In the latest video posted to the Comedian’s social media, Kevin’s son Kenzo can be seen in the car with his momma doing a killer impression of his daddy.

Kenzo’s mom Eniko hart asks him to show her how daddy talks and Kenzo immediately launches into a variety of facial expressions and hand gestures that are very much like the general mannerisms of his father. Kenzo says, “He talks like, ‘What you doing there. OK, oh, oh, oh, OK.’”

The first impression sends Eniko reeling but Kenzo isn’t done yet. Eniko asks Kenzo to show her what daddy says to make him laugh and Kenzo launches into another demonstration filled with hand gestures and facial expressions. The little boy says, impersonating Kevin, “What you doing? Oh, OK, OK. That’s enough. Whatever. Whatever, what you want. Whatever, whatever. OK, OK, that’s enough. One more. You know what, you are too crazy. … Treat, not the treats. OK, OK, OK.”

At this point, Eniko is dying laughing and asks one more time what daddy says to make Kenzo laugh. This time, Eniko joins in as the mother and son both do an impression of Kevin saying, “What you mean,” in a very signature Kevin Hart way.

The post was made to Kevin’s own Instagram and the caption read, “Man this sh-t here just killed me….I fell out laughing His little ass nailed it Missing My little King #Harts.”

Kevin also pointed out that watching the video made him miss his home, his family , and especially his little boys.

Several social media users remarked that Kevin’s son has definitely inherited his daddy’s gift. Some of them also said that they are confident little Kenzo will grow up to be Kevin Hart 2.0.

One user even went as far as to say that of all the comics that have ever tried to impersonate Kevin Hart, no one has ever come as close to the real thing as Kevin’s own son. Fans enjoyed the moment thoroughly.