Kim Kardashian shared the secret of how she manages to find time for herself with four children

Kim Kardashian shared the secret of how she manages to find time for herself with four children

In an exclusive interview with People, 41-year-old Kim Kardashian told how she manages not to go crazy, living under the same roof with four children from ex-husband Kanye West and constantly in contact with them.

This is not helped by a psychologist or a nanny but by a few elementary life hacks.

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The owner of the SKIMS brand admitted that the whole point is that she has learned to find time only for herself when she can reboot.

She very rarely manages to go into the room and close the door, saying that she needs 20 minutes to recover. And all because one of the children at this very moment will definitely need a mother.

Even during the massage, they lie with her, trying, by all means, to draw attention to themselves. Therefore, Kim has learned to carve out a few minutes in a busy schedule, which is enough for her to recharge her energy.

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Firstly, she gets up very early – at 5:30 – and immediately goes to training, where she works out until seven in the morning. Then he goes to wake up the kids.

According to Kim, the time spent with a personal trainer is regarded by her as seclusion because she takes care of herself and not someone else.

Secondly, after she delivers all the children to kindergartens and schools, on the way home, Kardashian turns off the phone and listens to mood music, which is good for her mental and mental health at the moment.

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