Kim Kardashian states she didn’t destroy Marilyn Monroe’s ‘naked gown’

Kim Kardashian states she didn’t destroy Marilyn Monroe’s ‘naked gown’

The annual met gala is full of the most unexpected and fashionable decisions, and this year Kim Kardashian was able to evoke the most mixed emotions.

The star became a red carpet buzzword as she lost weight so she could fit into the “naked” Marilyn Monroe dress that the actress wore in 1962 to sing Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy himself.

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There has been quite a bit of controversy about whether it was even worth allowing the reality TV star to wear the iconic outfit for such an occasion.

And last week, the audience literally went into a rage when it became known that real damage had been done to the delicate outfit.

The reason for the scandal was the photographs, which allegedly show fragments of the same dress with stretched and sometimes torn fabric.

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Interestingly, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, which owns this very outfit, published a refutation of this unpleasant news, and the SKIMS founder appeared on the Today show on Tuesday to put an end to this issue.

“We constantly see news that the dress is ruined. Is this not true?” Hoda Kotb asked. “Not. We worked well together; there were curators in gloves who put it on me,” Kim admitted.

It’s hard to disagree that Kardashian and Ripley’s put in a lot of effort for this unforgettable red carpet moment: the star changed into a dress right on the top step of the Museum before entering the party.

Kim did not allow herself to eat, sit, or even stay in this outfit for a long time because she was fully aware of her responsibility to the memory of the Hollywood icon.

The TV star was in a cult image for about 3-4 minutes, but we hope that next year she will again make a splash and surprise the guests of the event with her limitless possibilities.