Kristen Stewart Says That She Has Been ‘Cagey’ About Her Sexuality

Kristen Stewart Says That She Has Been ‘Cagey’ About Her Sexuality

According to Kristen Stewart, she has been “cagey” when it comes to discussing her sexuality publicly, Page Six reported today. The 30-year-old actress said to reporters from InStyle Magazine this week that when she started dating a girl for the first time, people started asking her if she was a lesbian.

The star said she responded, “And, it’s like, ‘God, I’m 21-years-old.’” Kristen says that when she was spotted out in public with some of Hollywood’s most famous men, it must’ve hurt the people she was dating at the time.

The star said it wasn’t that she was ashamed of being gay, but she just didn’t like giving all of herself to the public. Stewart says that it felt like “such thievery,” and at that point in time in her life, she said she was “sort of cagey” about it.

As a result of her reluctance to share more of what was really going on behind the scenes, Kristen said she started to avoid bringing her romances into the public. According to Stewart, it became a mission to avoid being photographed hanging around men because she didn’t want it to become a thing that didn’t belong to them.

Moreover, she says that representing people, “representing queerness,” wasn’t something she was totally comfortable with at the time. As most know, Kristen became a huge success with the release of the Twilight franchise along with Robert Pattinson.

At the time, Robert and Kristen were in a publicized relationship which was in the headlines for months. In 2012, she was spotted with Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman. He was two decades older than her and also married at that time.

Pattinson and Stewart later called off their relationship and then got back together. However, they split up conclusively in 2013 and never reconciled their romance ever again. Later, Kristen dated Alicia Cargile, and then Stella Maxwell.

These days, Kristen is dating Dylan Meyer, and Stewart recently told Howard Stern that she couldn’t wait to marry her. Currently, the star is promoting her new romantic comedy, Happiest Season, in which she co-stars alongside Clea Duvall.