KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Feels ‘Betrayed’ After Larsa Pippen’s Latest Interview!

KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Feels ‘Betrayed’ After Larsa Pippen’s Latest Interview!

Fans know all too well that Larsa Pippen used to be one of Kim Kardashian’s closest friends. However, following her latest tell all interview, during which she exposed a lot of secrets, it appears that Larsa ruined any chance to ever rekindle her friendship with Kim!

This update on their status comes after Larsa’s latest interview in which she claimed that Kanye West ‘brainwashed’ the Kardashian-Jenners to turn against her!

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Not only that, but she also revealed that she dated Tristan Thompson, sharing that she was the one who introduced him to Khloe Kardashian in the first place!

As you know, the basketball player and Khloe would go on to have a tumultuous on and off relationship and even have a child together.

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Basically, Larsa suggested that, if not for her, Khloe and Tristan would have never met.

Following her interview, the Kardashian sisters want nothing to do with her anymore!

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The source explained via HollywoodLife that ‘The KarJenners are known for having each other’s backs when it comes to their tight-knit group of friends and family. They don’t speak out about their personal lives unless it’s something that’s discussed among those involved, and like any family, they don’t publicly air dirty laundry. So they feel betrayed that Larsa would not only do this interview and talk about their family behind their backs, but also say things that are hurtful and unnecessary.’

Previously, this past summer, fans noticed that Larsa and the Kar-Jenner sisters no longer followed each other on social media.

This, obviously, led to suspicions that their friendship was over.

It also happened around the same time that Ye had his meltdown during which he even threatened to divorce Kim!

‘Larsa was a trusted friend for Kim and everyone in the Kardashian family. So for her to air her thoughts the way she did was a huge betrayal of their trust. The family is more disappointed than anything and they don’t imagine being friends with her ever again,’ another insider claimed.