Kylie Jenner Is Rumored To Be Either Be Pregnant Or Getting Pregnant After Recent Emojis On Travis Scott’s Instagram Post

Kylie Jenner is probably one of the biggest influencers in the world. She’s known for her luxurious lifestyle and the way that she just lives her best life. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been on and off again for a long time and even share a daughter Stormi as well as a son Wolf Webster.

Recently, Kylie Jenner reacted to one of the posts that Travis made on Instagram with four emojis of a pregnant woman. She also revealed a while ago that she wants four kids in life so fans were quick to notice the similarities. The post itself had been of Travis outside a building in the Big Apple’s SoHo neighborhood. He had captioned the picture “Got there in a New York minute”.

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Many of Travis’s fans had reacted to the photo. The comments section was filled with people appreciating Travis and complimenting his style. However, amid all the comments, Kylie decided to comment with a tongue-out emoji alongside a brunette pregnant woman four times. The four number of pregnant women emojis line up with what Kylie told a YouTuber in 2020 when she said she wanted four kids.

Kylie’s reaction to his post had fans wondering if baby number 3 was already in the works for the two. Fans have been speculating if Kylie is pregnant again or if the two are trying to get pregnant again. However, some fans are aware of how the Kardashians choose to market things and think they may be another marketing tactic. Travis’s fans have been waiting for his new album Utopia which might explain the marketing underneath his post.

Other fans believe that the emojis simply mean what Kylie said. They think that she was giving a sexy suggestion to Travis rather than giving a hint to her fans. Kylie is known to leave suggestive comments on Travis’s posts which further confirms this theory.

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Regardless of what it is, fans are happy to see the two together and enjoying life the way that they are. Fans are hoping for more babies from the two and can’t wait to see them grow their little family a little bigger.