Kyra Sedgwick Talks About Working With Family Members

Kyra Sedgwick Talks About Working With Family Members

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon along with their children are one of Hollywood’s most renowned power families. Both Kyra and Kevin are veterans of the industry and incredibly respected in their circles.

In a recent interview, Kyra addressed her choice to frequently work with members of her own family.

Kyra’s latest film Space Oddity sees her in a directorial role while leading the cast is her husband Kevin Bacon and the soundtrack of the film has contributions from Kyra’s son Travis who is a musician.

Kyra spoke about the practice of working with her family saying that she admits that it is nepotism which most of the industry looks down upon but she is fine with a little bit of it saying that her family is good at what they do and furthermore they understand her mind and her vision which makes it fun and easy.

Upon directing her husband, which she has already done 3 times, Kyra said that it isn’t very hard since kevin is such an amazing actor and he doesn’t really need much direction, only minor adjustments here and there.

Kevin spoke about the subject as well saying that the family doesn’t just like working together because they are family but also because the quality of the work is actually good. The creative process of everyone involved is amazing and it actually pushes everyone to do more according to Kevin.

Kevin also talked about the directorial position of his wife saying that he is really proud of his wife for the work that she does and always love receiving helpful tips from her. The Footloose actor said that its a good sign when those tips come through and he always makes a point to act on them.

The power family’s latest project, Space Oddity follows the tale of a man who is looking to receive assistance from an insurance company, in a bid to plan a one way trip to Mars for himself. The film premiered at the Tribeca Festival on 12 June. Fans are excited to see the film hit cinemas.