Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Features A Bombshell From Christian Lacroix Couture’s Past

Lady Gaga performed in Düsseldorf as a part of her Chromatica Ball globe tour while dressed in vintage fashion house attire.

The stylists Nicola Formichetti, Tom Eerebout, and Sandra Amador worked as a trio to create the performer’s looks for her concerts. Christian Lacroix’s 2007 Fall Fashion of the Year couture dress served as the attire for one of the songs. Additionally, Lady Gaga wore this outfit in a tour-related promotional film.

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A sparkling couture ensemble from the same year, 2007, by English fashion designer Gareth Pugh was another historical concert dress.

Lady Gaga also made an appearance on stage, donning a motorbike jacket by Alexander McQueen from the 2023 resort collection with silver metal eyelets.

On Twitter, singer Lady Gaga informed her followers that she was considering calling it quits due to health issues.

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“There were times when I questioned whether I would ever perform again. I was feeling so depressed that all I could think about was this excruciating nightmare. The artist wrote, “But I overcame him with love, support, trust, truth, courage, and commitment.

In 2017, Lady Gaga received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a rare chronic condition marked by severe discomfort in the musculoskeletal system.

Additionally, in 2020, the artist discussed her struggles with mental health, which led to repeated thoughts of suicide.

Gaga’s Chromatica Ball tour has just begun. On July 17, the inaugural concert was held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

A tennis club was established by the Italian label Miu Miu in Saint-Tropez, and celebrities were invited to the launch. The designer house’s official Instagram account posted about this.

Blogger Chiara Ferragni, model Mia Regan, singer Dua Lipa Rina’s sister, and editors from Vogue magazine were among the attendees for the court’s opening. In addition to playing tennis and posting selfies on social media, the guest stars also tried on the newest Miu Miu line.