Lawsuit Against Jeff Bezos Filed By Lauren Sanchez’s Brother Thrown Out Of Court

Lawsuit Against Jeff Bezos Filed By Lauren Sanchez’s Brother Thrown Out Of Court

Jeff Bezos has one less problem to worry about, a new report from Page Six revealed today. The outlet says the Amazon boss, who is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, had a defamation lawsuit against him dropped. The lawsuit was filed by Michael Sanchez, Lauren’s brother.

Back in February of this year, Sanchez filed a defamation lawsuit against Bezos, because Michael claims the Amazon boss had accused him of leaking nude photos of him to the media. A judge in California closed the case and threw the suit out of court, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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As it was previously reported, problems between Lauren, Jeff, and her brother, Michael, first started when the National Enquirer made Bezos’ relationship with Lauren Sanchez public. At the time, she was married to Patrick Whitesell, a very successful agent.

Michael Sanchez says Jeff and his security chief, Gavin De Becker, accused him of giving photos of Bezos to the Enquirer, however, Bezos has maintained that he never publicly accused Michael of anything. American Media Incorporated, the parent company of the National Enquirer, says it was Sanchez.

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The Enquirer has reported that Michael was instrumental in providing all of the information they needed to come out with the story. Lauren, on the other hand, has said she is now unable to forgive her brother for what he did.

Tom Warren, who is acting as the attorney for Michael, said they “disrespectfully disagree” with the court’s ruling and they claim they’ll continue to try and clear Sanchez’s name. William Isaacson, Jeff’s attorney, mocked the case and said the “law is clear” when it comes to useless lawsuits filed for fame and money.

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William went on to say that journalists and other publications will now take a second look at Michael when considering him as a source. As most know, Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez were all over the headlines when it was revealed they were having an extramarital affair.

Moreover, Jeff found himself in the headlines once again when it was revealed he and his wife of the time, MacKenzie, were breaking up. Social media was flooded with jokes about what was going to be a very expensive divorce, considering Jeff’s large fortune.