LeBron James Shows Love To His Mom – Check Out Their Gorgeous Photos And His Emotional Message

LeBron James Shows Love To His Mom – Check Out Their Gorgeous Photos And His Emotional Message

LeBron James is showing love to his mom on social media. He shared a bunch of new pics featuring his mom, and he also posted an emotional message. Check out his post below.

‘Seeing you happy and smiling is one of my biggest accomplishments I’ve ever had in my life! I want to make you so proud every single day! You’ve done so much for me beyond what life can offer, and it’s my turn to return the favour! Momma Glo looked at me when we got off the boat this evening and said “Son, I really enjoyed myself, thank you” and then smiled! Damn near brought tears to my eyes! 🥺🥺🥺🥺!’ LeBron began his message.

LeBron continued and said: ‘Love you for simply always being there for me even when it wasn’t in the physical too! Pointing me in the right decision, raising me to be a gentleman, being kind to others, and simply knowing the difference between right and wrong! You’re my angel on earth!!!!!! ❤️. #MamaWeMadeIt #OnlyChildsLetsRise #MamaBoy.’


Someone else said: ‘Well said, brother. We’re lucky boys to have good strong mamas,’ and one other follower said: ‘How I’m trying to be wit my Mama💯👑 #Goals.’

A follower said: ‘so this the women who made the Goat, huh? Bless you🐐🙏🏻’, and a commenter posted this message: ‘Does anyone have something long and hard? 😘’

Someone else said: ‘Every kid wants to impress their mama. I’m sure she’s proud of the man (not basketball player – MAN) you’ve become. Now stop making the rest of us look bad lol.’

A follower posted this: ‘San Diego, you can see the Coronado bridge in the background.’

A fan said: ‘My brother is drunk and sleeps with my husband. What should I do?’ and someone else posted this: ‘I think you can be a king out of the court too. Would be honoured to figure out where you think you can go.’

In other recent news, LeBron James wants justice for Ericka Weems after her terrible murder!

The sports star took to social media to rally his fans to join him in demanding justice for the late sister of his close friend after she was apparently killed.

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