Linda Evangelista Made A Remark About The Procedure That Deformed Her

Linda Evangelista, a well-known model, revealed last fall how a failed CoolSculpting (non-surgical liposuction) cosmetic treatment “irrecoverably scarred” her.

The model claimed that she was compelled to vanish from view as a result of the treatment that left her with disfigurement.

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With the use of correction procedures, Linda attempted to make things right, but she was still unable to be recognized. The model was rendered jobless and fell into a deep melancholy as a result.

Following a failed procedure, Evangelista brought legal action. She claimed that the issue had been resolved on her social media platforms.

“I’m delighted I got this situation resolved. I am glad that this is over and am looking forward to the next phase in life with my friends and family. I genuinely appreciate the help I’ve had from people who have been in touch with me, she said in her letter.

The celebrity already explained why she chose to file a lawsuit.

“I’m hoping to overcome my embarrassment so that I can help others who are going through similar things. This is my objective, she said.

The procedure “has been well researched with more than 100 science journals and more than 11 million treatments conducted worldwide,” a CoolSculpting representative said in reply to Linda’s lawsuit, adding that the adverse effects “continue being well in the CoolSculpting data for healthcare professionals and patients.”

Linda, who is now 57, has made a comeback to the fashion world and has already appeared in an advertisement for Fendi. Fans keep supporting her in whatever way they can in the hopes that her work will take off once more.

Linda, you are a powerful and lovely woman. I’m delighted for you. The wisest course of action right now is to advance.

We adore you, Linda, and your fans like seeing you shine once more. Women all over the world are speaking up and standing up because of you. We are overjoyed to have you back in the limelight. They say, “Linda, we love you.