Lori Loughlin – Here’s Why She’ll Be Back Home On Christmas Eve Before Serving Her Full Sentence!

Lori Loughlin – Here’s Why She’ll Be Back Home On Christmas Eve Before Serving Her Full Sentence!

As you probably know, the actress has already shown up to prison to serve her sentence for being involved in the biggest ever college entrance fraud case in the United States! Lori Loughlin was sentenced to no more than two months behind bars but, as it seems, the star will most likely be back home with her family before Christmas Eve!

Here’s why it’s believed that the Full House and Fuller House star will no longer be in the company of inmates by the time the holidays turn around!

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This might surprise some people since Lori Loughlin reported to California’s Dublin Federal Correctional facility on October 30, her release date being set for December 27, which is obviously two days after Christmas day!

However, HollywoodLife predicts that she is likely to not stay that long in prison.

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This assumption is based on the fact that Christmas this year falls on a Friday, which would mean that the star will most likely be released just before December 25 as per prison policy.

Despite it being a Friday, the day is still considered a legal holiday by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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To be clear, Lori Loughlin’s release date falls on a weekend day, Sunday, which means that she would be released on the last day of the week prior to that weekend.

This means that it will most likely happen on Thursday, December 24 as Friday is also part of the weekend break due to it being Christmas day.

Naturally, what this means is that the actress would be able to spend, not only Christmas but also Christmas Eve with her daughters and husband at home this year and now behind bars as originally thought!

This explains why Lori Loughlin reported to prison on October 30 even though she had until November 19 to start her sentence.