Lynne Spears Shared Texts That Led Britney Spears To Accuse Her Mother Of Abuse

Lynne Spears Shared Texts That Led Britney Spears To Accuse Her Mother Of Abuse

Britney Spears has continued to openly work through her family issues since being taken out of her father’s custody. This time, the singer talked about her mother, Lynn Spears, and claimed she had abused her.

The singer claimed that her mother had her go to the Alcoholics Anonymous group even though she did not consume alcohol since she detested it.

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Britney claims that Lynn merely withheld the coffee from her rather than allowing her to drink it. Furthermore, even though her mother displayed her picture next to those of her sister and niece every day, she chastised her for not having any of her in the kitchen. Spears wrote on her blog, “Every morning, you cleaned it before I got up.

The singer claimed that even though she was not permitted to have her automobile, her mother voluntarily used hers and retired to her daughter’s beach property.

Britney referred to her mother as a laughingstock for continuing to “portray a loving mother” and acting like a “responsible and perfect parent.”

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The singer added that Britney’s placement in a mental facility and assignment to a guardian were both directly influenced by her mother.

“You spent the night in my house with Miss Jackie, Ellie, and other friends before they picked me up. Then, you asked me to go to Malibu even though I did nothing wrong because you believed someone would come looking for me. You guys didn’t convince me, though.

We had a party the previous evening. You feigned that you were unaware of what was happening, but everything was planned, “Britney said.

Her mother published a book two weeks later, in which she discussed Britney’s experiences after her ex-husband Kevin Federline was granted custody of their sons, which also caused great hurt to the singer. You made fun of me, Britney said.

Fans of the artist responded enthusiastically to her poignant post on social media. They encouraged her and expressed gratitude for her honesty in recalling the trying time in her life.