Margot Robbie as Barbie on the set of the film about the famous doll

Margot Robbie as Barbie on the set of the film about the famous doll

See how the actress looks like her toy prototype. Reporters caught Margot Robbie on set in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old Australian actress stepped out of her trailer dressed like the Barbie in the movie, star-embroidered flared trousers and a fitted halter top in country vest style, all in the doll’s favorite pink.

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Obviously, for the stage image of the 31-year-old blonde Margo, no special transformations were required, but her partner in the film, Ryan Gosling , had to be dyed ash blonde for the role of Ken.

Pictures of the 41-year-old actor, recently published by Warner Bros., caused a wave of emotion among Gosling fans. Last week, fans brought their first glimpse of Costar Ryan Gosling as Ken.

The actor posed under his platinum-blonde hair and torn denim jacket, showing off his abs.

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The premiere of the picture is planned for July 21, 2023, but the details of the plot have not yet been disclosed. It is only learned that the film will tell an atypical tale of the relationship between dolls in love.

In recent interviews, Margot Robbie mentioned that the project would be different and exciting thanks to director Greta Gerwig and screenwriter Noah Baumbach, who came up with an original course of action.

It is to be noted that the premiere of the romantic comedy film ‘Barbie’ is scheduled in 2023, but at present, the crew of the film continues to generate interest with new shots.

Pictures of Margaret Ruby acting as a Barbie doll surfaced earlier this year, but plot details are not yet known. He added that the character “comes with a lot of stuff,” considering some historical controversy about the doll.

The Oscar-nominated actress said, “And there are a lot of old-fashioned relationships.” “But with that comes a lot of interesting ways to attack it.