Mariah Carey Teases Epic Collab With Ariana Grande And Jennifer Hudson This Christmas!

Mariah Carey Teases Epic Collab With Ariana Grande And Jennifer Hudson This Christmas!

Is an epic collaboration between three of the industry’s most well-known divas right around the corner? It surely appears so!

Not only that, but if the fans’ predictions are true, it looks like the collab will be here right in time for the winter holidays, which is appropriate given the fact that Mariah Carey is the Queen of Christmas!

The singer took to social media to seemingly tease a future collab between her, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson by suggesting that the other two ladies will be part of Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas, which is her upcoming Apple TV+ special.

Fans could not contain their excitement just thinking about these three amazing voices coming together to sing Mariah’s iconic winter tunes with her.

It all started with the songstress taking to her Twitter account to share a pic that featured three director’s chairs with the stars’ initials on them!

Mariah Carey’s chair that had the initials ‘MC’ on the back was placed in the middle while the other two, on each of her chair’s sides, read ‘AG’ and ‘JH.’

While Mariah obviously did not outright tell her fans who the initials belonged to, they were able to quickly figure out that they must stand for Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson since both of the talented singers have gushed over Mariah’s own musical skills before, sharing how they grew up enjoying her music.

With that being said, it would only make sense if Mariah got them to be on the show to offer their fans something really special by coming together to sing this upcoming holiday season.

As for the caption, Mariah included a Christmas tree emoji and nothing more, leaving the whole thing still a mystery.

This comes after Apple TV+ announced on August 31 that Mariah Carey would have a special that ‘will feature the legendary icon Carey and a star-studded lineup of surprise guest appearances, in a magical holiday journey to enliven the Christmas spirit around the world.’