Masika Kalysha Defends Yaya Mayweather Following News Of Her Pregnancy

Masika Kalysha Defends Yaya Mayweather Following News Of Her Pregnancy

Yaya Mayweather managed to keep her pregnancy out of the headlines for months even though she had already been pregnant. Hot New Hip Hop said today that now that everyone knows what has gone on, Yaya isn’t scared of showing off her growing belly.

On the 5th of November, Yaya and her friends and family hosted a baby shower for her following the news she would give birth to a little boy with the rapper, NBA YoungBoy. Yaya has been slammed online for being the mother of one of YoungBoy’s many children with different women.

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In case you didn’t know, the rapper has five or six children with just as many women, Hot New Hip Hop said today. Masika Kalysha chimed in on the debate and pointed out how Kylie Jenner was also 20-years-old when she had her first baby with Travis Scott.

Masika went on to insinuate that social media commenters weren’t being fair in terms of how they have judged Yaya but not Kylie. The reality star asked, “did you say this about Kylie?” Masika urged Yaya’s commenters to just leave her alone.

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Those who aren’t here for Yaya and NBA Youngboy’s upcoming blended family pointed out that Travis Scott didn’t already have multiple baby mommas when he and Kylie first hooked up. Kalysha went on to accuse users of insinuating that she was just trying to shade Kylie Jenner.

In another post, the Love and Hip Hop star claimed whether YoungBoy had other children from other women was beside the point. Kalysha says it would be better to just send a nice message of positivity, rather than ridiculing her with negativity.

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The reality star went on to claim that being pregnant was already “stressful enough” without facing off against angry commenters and criticism. As most know, this topic likely hit home for Masika, considering she has been in a similar position before.

Kalysha had a child with the rapper, Fetty Wap, as did many other women as well, including Alexis Skyy, who was also a star on Love and Hip Hop.